Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sorry to have introduced you to this blog and then left it unattended for so long.  I promise some new original thoughts coming soon but first I wanted to share something that I read that moved me to tears.

Last weekend in Ann Arbor once again my eyes were opened to the power of a child's spirit and the true meaning of a hero.  As some of you may for the past 3 years I've been honored to participate in the Griese Hutchinson Woodson Champions for Children's Hearts weekend.  The annual fundraiser at the University of Michigan is spearheaded by members of the '97 National Championship football team: Brian Griese, Steve Hutchinson, and Charles Woodson with a great deal of inspiration from their coach Lloyd Carr.  It's the usual fundraising type weekend: a reunion of sorts with parties and dinners, auctions and golf.  Of course all the fun is to raise funds and they've done a great job at that.  Over a million dollars has been donated each year to Mott Children's Hospital and Woodson's Research fund from the weekend.  The best part for those of us representing Michigan there, a chance to see the money put to use in a visit to the hospital.  And while I had intended to tell you about my time there, my account is nothing compared to what one mother wrote.  Once again GHW opened my eyes to the power of a child's spirit and the generosity of some of the athletes I've come to know. 

One more thing, this may be a "Michigan" event but this story isn't even about a Michigan Man.  It is about someone who whether he knows it or not, understands what being a Michigan Man is all about.  Hope you enjoy.


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