Monday, November 26, 2012


Invest in Starbucks quickly, because this sports gal is coming back to mornings!! 

Starting January 2nd, 2013 you'll find me on the brand new CBS Sports Radio Network.  I'll have two new men in my life, Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney, as we launch a morning show (6-9am) I hope will be as informed, opinionated, and entertaining as any sports show out there.

As most of you know,  I left ESPN back in May despite an offer to stay.  At the time, few seemed to understand my desire to find a new challenge, to leave the World Wide Leader for uncertainty.  Perhaps now it makes more sense or it will.

This is an amazing opportunity to start something new, to go where few women do: sports talk radio, and to be me.  As I see it, I get to talk and debate sports, the days hot topics and whatever else within reason may come to mind.  I get to do so with two men who, like me, share a passion for it all.  Now that is a dream job.

A TV gal at heart, radio won't be my only new adventure.  See I'm joining a family again in CBS, a family full of opportunities.   One which I will get from the very start will be working on TV for CBS Sports Network.  I'll keep you updated on the TV shows/times as we go forward and as I continue to find other opportunities and challenges, some of which I'm sure I haven't even thought of.

I also promise that as we get closer and definitely once we launch, I'll be tweeting, blogging, and overall bombarding you with info on the radio show. I hope you'll welcome us into your daily lives as you did for years while I was at ESPN.

On that note, let me just say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have continued to ask via twitter, email, or even in person about "when you can see me again" and those who have simply reached out to say you've missed my presence in the media world.  It was a good vacation while it lasted. I'm glad I chose to take it. I am also ready to get back to work!

The icing on the cake in all of this: I get to stay in New York City.  I fell in love with Manhattan several years ago and while Michigan will always be my native state, I finally feel like I am home again.