Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm often asked what's the thing I love most about my job as a broadcaster.  The simple answer is the people: some that I've worked alongside, others that I've interviewed, and especially the ones from either group that I've gotten to know a bit beyond the work scope.

It's one of those who gave me a kick in the pants today, inspiring me to get back to my blog.  

So if you don't like what you read from here on out, blame him!  

Ok, not really, but I wouldn't mind having someone to shoulder some blame if needed or share some responsibility.  I don't really mean this as it relates to the blog, I'm thinking on a much bigger scale.

Brace yourself.

The time has come.

I am officially ready to be rescued.  

My knight in shining armor can feel free at any point to come riding in on a white horse or white Mercedes or Prius or in fact preferably any SUV out there (due to the unpredictable winters in the East) and save me!

Look, I just heard Ann Romney addressing the Republican Convention say that women don't really expect our lives to be easy and that's fine, "we don't want easy."  No disrespect Ann, but I kind of do, at least for a little while.

Confused that a woman who's managed to "make it" in a man's world is saying something so scandalous?  Allow me to explain.

HmmmmHow can I put this simply?  Ummmmm.

How about this:just because I can do it all on my own doesn't mean I want to.

Of course I can shovel snow off my roof, use a drill - adjusting bits and everything, and tell the difference between a hex and socket wrench.  I have no choice.  I owned a home.  If I called someone in every time something went wrong, I'd be broke.  On top of that, my dad was one of those "fix/build anything" guys up until the day he died and I followed him around on weekends taking it all in.  He'd be appalled if I couldn't do the above mentioned things.

Still, just because I can doesn't mean I want to.  Take my move to the city recently.  I remember taking apart my desk so it would fit in my car for me to drive it to New York and all I wanted while I was dismantling and assembling and hauling everything to and from, was a guy to do it for me.  Not a mover, not someone I paid, but that guy who does stuff for you.  You know the one.

Is it such a hard concept to grasp?

I don't want you to ask if you can help me with it, just do it.  Don't tell me how great I am because I can take apart a desk with my trusty allen wrench, grab the wrench and take it apart for me!

Worst part is, guys act like they're impressed but I'm convinced even if they are, most also think I'm too independent, think I don't need them.


I need you.  In fact I may need you even more than the woman who can't do any of that stuff because frankly I need a break.

It's not fun always having to be the responsible one.  I want someone else to take charge sometimes.  Don't ask me where I want to go to dinner, just make the reservation.  You don't have to order for me, I mean I can do that.  If you want to though, you could probably pull it off...at least my SUV knight could.

I'm not alone either.  While I refuse to get into the whole 50 shades of grey phenomenon (no it's not the book's content, more the group think aspect of now reading it) it's popularity is worth noting.   Don't you wonder why so many women are taken with this idea of being controlled or dominated?  I realize the books go beyond that, I'm just talking at a basic level.

Look we want equal rights we deserve them: equal pay, consideration, etc.  However, we're still women and you're still men and when it comes to relationships there are certain male-female roles that frankly I like.

I want you to offer your chair when there aren't any more (no I won't always take it), to ask me out, to make the first move, and yes sometimes I really want you to rescue me.

If you're thinking about now I want to have my cake and eat it too, I've got one better.

I also don't want to gain any weight from it.  

Oh! I know the perfect new workout to try that can hep with that.  Think the knight in the SUV can give me a ride to the gym?